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Cisco :
Cisco security balances protection and power to deliver highly secure collaboration. With Cisco security solutions, you can connect, communicate, and conduct business securely while protecting users, information, applications, and the network.

  • Switches
  • Routers
Switches :
KEY FEATURES : (Cisco Catalyst 3750 Metro Series Switches)
  • Cisco Catalyst 3750 Metro Advanced IP feature license (MPLS, EoMPLS, and MPLS VPN; also includes the ME3750 IP Services license)
  • Cisco Catalyst 3750 Metro IP Services feature license (BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS, PBR, multi-VRF CE, HSRP, PIM, and DVMRP tunneling; also includes IP Base license.)
  • Cisco Catalyst 3750 Metro IP Services to Advanced IP upgrade license
KEY FEATURES : (Cisco ME 2400 Series Ethernet Access Switches )
  • Compact form factor (1RU x 9.52 in.) for ease of deployment in space limited places
  • All front connectors to simplify access for in field troubleshooting
  • Optimized triple play service features including advanced QoS, rate-limiting, and robust multicast control
  • Comprehensive security solution for Metro Ethernet access
KEY FEATURES : (Cisco 12000 Series Routers)
  • Cisco I-Flex design--A portfolio of shared port adapters (SPAs) and SPA interface processors (SIPs) that prioritize voice, video, and data services so you can meet your customers' diverse service needs and stringent service-level agreements
  • Advanced silicon and software technologies, for high standards of routing performance and QoS
  • Comprehensive high-availability support to help avoid planned and unplanned network downtime
  • Integrated core and edge feature set, supporting a wide range of business and consumer services
  • Fully upgradable modular switch fabric and Cisco IOS XR Software upgrade capability, to protect investments and reduce total cost of ownership.
KEY FEATURES : (Cisco 10000 Series Routers)
  • Cisco’s patented Parallel Express Forwarding (PXF) adaptive network processing technology
  • Proven route processor redundancy capabilities and rapid session setup rates, delivering 99.999 percent system availability
  • Patent-pending auto-VC creation and provisioning technologies, coupled with comprehensive VC density, to simplify operations and speed broadband deployment and revenue generation
  • Per-subscriber hierarchical QoS for granular bandwidth management with improved user experiences for data, voice, or video
  • Subscriber-aware service control capabilities enabling network operators to identify and classify subscriber sessions, set guarantees for QoS levels, and charge for innovative content services