Tyco Electronics
Tyco Electronics :
Electronic Components :
Connectors & Connector Components
Connector Picture Search, Aerospace, Defense & Marine, Discrete Wire, Energy & Power, Fiber Optics, Input/Output, PCB Connectors, Power Products, RF & Coax, Ribbon, SATA/SAS/Mini-SAS & Flat Flex Wire Connectors, Socket/Card Products, Terminal Blocks & Strips, Terminals & Splices

Electromechanical Components
Circuit Breakers, Heat Sinks & Thermal Solutions, Relays, Sensors, Switches & Knobs, Timers

Fiber Optics Products
Attenuators, WDM's & Switches, Cable Assemblies & Backplane Interconnects, Connectors, Adapters, Tooling & Accessories, Electro-Optics, Fiber Management & Packaged Solutions, Premises Wiring & Telecom Outside Plant

Power Filters, RF & Signal Filters

Identification Labeling Products
Hardware & Software, Labels, Wire & Harness ID

MID Technologies

Passive Components
Capacitors, Circuit Protection Devices, Inductors, Passive RF Products, Resistors, Transformers

Power Sources
Battery Connectors & Assemblies, Power Entry Modules

RF & Microwave Products
Antennas, Passive RF Products, RF & Coax

Tooling Products
Hand Application, Semi-Automatic & Automatic, Find Tooling for Products

Touch Screen Displays
Tubing & Harnessing Products
Aerospace Harnessing & Heat Shrink Harness Components, Cable Terminators & Adapters, Cable Wrap & Bundling, Tubing & Molded, Wire & Harness ID

Wire, Cable, Cable Assemblies
Wire & Cable, Cable Assemblies

Network Solutions :
Building Networks
Optical Fiber Cabling Systems
Copper Cabling Systems
10 Gigabit Cabling Systems
Data Center Cabling Solutions
Infrastructure Management Systems
Secure Cabling Systems
Residential Cabling Systems
Power Distribution Systems
  Energy Networks
Cable Accessories
Connectors & Fittings Insulators & Insulation
Surge Arresters
Switching & Protection
Power Measurement & Control

Communication Service Providers :
Copper and Coax
Fiber Optics
Mobile Networks
Undersea Telecommunications :
Undersea Telecommunications is a world leader in developing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining the world’s most advanced fiber optic undersea networks. Our technology is found in more than 420,000 kilometers or 262,500 miles of undersea cable systems globally. A pioneer in the industry, we have more than 50 years of expertise in route surveying, system design, product development, system deployment, marine services, maintenance and repair.